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名人媒体基金会和平电视 PeaceTV 为世界和平和联合国国际事务服务

纽约及北美社区活动专用*"Dedicated to community events in New York and North America"

Celebrity Media Commentator: In today's world, we face numerous challenges: international turmoil and frequent local wars. The power play among major countries is inevitably a norm, but establishing a mechanism of mutual trust to avoid misjudgments is essential and indispensable.  中文请点击这里

The current global situation not only threatens global stability but also poses a severe challenge to the common future of humanity. Against this backdrop, the mission of the Peace and Friendship Art Network becomes particularly important and urgent. The mission of the Peace and Friendship Art Network is to bridge cultures and arts, spreading the culture of peace.

In handling international affairs and resolving disputes, our fundamental philosophy is: since most countries in the world have joined the United Nations and adhered to the UN Charter (the UN has 193 member states); we should rely on the United Nations, follow the UN Charter, seek the most peaceful and humanitarian solutions through peaceful dialogue, form resolutions, and implement them through the effective monitoring mechanisms of the United Nations.

Building bridges of understanding and respect through culture and art: Culture and art have a unique power; they transcend language and national boundaries, connecting different countries and peoples. In the current international situation, culture and art have become important tools for bridging different cultures and promoting mutual understanding and respect. Through various forms of expression such as art exhibitions, cultural exchanges, concerts, films, and theater, we showcase the charm and diversity of different cultures, reduce misunderstandings and prejudices, and enhance international friendship and trust.

Spreading the culture of peace, harnessing the power of art: In today's world of frequent local wars and conflicts, spreading the culture of peace is particularly crucial. The Peace and Friendship Art Network is committed to spreading the concepts of peace, friendship, and coexistence through art works, educational projects, and public forums. We believe that art can not only inspire emotions of love and tolerance but also provoke thought, guiding people to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the value of peace.

 Facing the power play of major countries, promoting and establishing mechanisms of mutual trust, strengthening cooperation and dialogue: In the power play and international relations among major countries, the lack of mutual trust is a core issue. The Peace and Friendship Art Network, by showcasing the artistic achievements of different countries and cultures, strives to promote international understanding and respect. We encourage artists and cultural workers to cross national boundaries, participate in international projects and activities, and use art as a medium to establish dialogue and cooperation between different countries and cultures.


Our Commitment: Continuous efforts to promote the culture of peace, for peace through art.

Facing global challenges, the Peace and Friendship Art Network commits to continuous efforts, using the power of culture and art to promote the culture of peace, contributing to building a more peaceful and friendly world. We believe that every peace-loving individual can be a messenger of peace, and every cultural exchange, every piece of art, every conversation is a step towards peace. Let us work together, connect hearts through art, bridge the world with the culture of peace, and jointly create a more harmonious and peaceful future world.